Our Apps

When we're not building your apps, we build some of our own. Here are a few we're especially proud of.

Goal Streaks

Achieve your goals by defining the regular activity that will get you closer to them and then tracking it. Build up a "streak" by hitting the schedule you define and then try to make the streak as long as possible.

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Focus Time

Time management becomes as easy as tapping start and working until you hear the alarm. By dividing your time into focus and break times, you learn to really work effectively and deal with interruptions.

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Localizing your app into multiple languages is the most cost-effective way to expand its market. Linguan makes this process easy by letting you edit the translations directly or manage an external translator.

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Your Development Partner

Got a Killer Idea? Imagine what you could achieve if you had a dedicated, experienced team ready to implement your dream. We'd love to work with you to see just how quickly we can get you from idea to launch.

If you have an in-house designer, we're happy to provide the coding skills to convert that design to a running app. Or, we can provide everything from User Experience design to Project Management.

Native Code, All The Way Down

Users expect a polished and responsive interface on their devices. The only way to deliver this without compromise is to use native development tools. We don't believe the promises of cross-platform solutions and neither should you.

Back Room Boys

We're happy working behind the scenes to deliver your app. Although we love to promote our work, we'll only do that with your permission. In the meantime, check out our own apps and some public client work.

Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

"Peer Assembly are thoroughly professional, fantastic to work with and the quality of their work is first class. I really enjoyed the experience, not to mention the result, and would highly recommend Peer Assembly to all who want the best for their business."

Mike Finegan - Managing Director at Time Marketing

"We partnered with Peer Assembly to help us develop our first iPhone app, and the experience was so smooth that we’re currently working on several more with them."

K Brandon Bell - Creative Director at Design-O-Matic

"What sets Peer Assembly apart from the masses is that they are TRUE pros. They listen, they produce, and they deliver on time and on budget. Peer Assembly’s work is of the highest quality — they have exceeded my expectations."

Kyle T. Webster - Owner of Kyle T. Webster, Inc.

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