“an undertaking or remark seen as unwise because it invites trouble or could prove difficult to live up to”.

Sometimes, it's fun to plan great changes for the future. I'm going to get fitter, travel more, eat better… and since no time traveller comes back to tell you whether you succeeded or not, there's no immediate risk to being wrong.

People rarely seem to start the new year saying what goals they missed in the previous year. In a way, that makes sense - it's better to focus on the things you want to happen rather than the past that can't be changed. However, part of what brings change is giving attention to that change. So, to increase the chances that I'll achieve my goals for 2014, I'm going to publish them here.

  1. Release 3 new products
  2. Do 9 updates to existing products
  3. Contribute 3 open source projects
  4. Write 1 blog post per month

I'm planning on reviewing these at the end of the year to see whether the added pressure helps deliver the goals.

Aside: My original goal was to write this during the first week of January. I guess that makes me 2 weeks late already.

Release 3 new products

Right now, I have 2 iOS apps and 4 Mac apps published by Peer Assembly. I realize that I love many aspects of making and selling products including:

So, by the end of the year, I want to have 3 new products released and available for sale. Right now, I imagine that I'll create these myself but I'm absolutely open to acquiring them as well (like Linguan).


Nothing to report yet…

Do 9 updates to existing apps

I'm setting myself the target of doing an app update roughly every month for the year apart from the months that involve a new product launch. Assuming I meet my first goal, that should mean 9 updates in 2014.


Contribute 3 open source projects

Unless you work for a military contractor, there's a good chance that a significant part of any software project you work on will be supplied or enabled by open source software. Most of this code is really high-quality and a huge time-saver.

In the spirit of paying it back, I'm going to release 3 projects during 2014.


Write 1 blog post per month

I like writing and I don't make enough time for it. That has to change and the best way to force the change is to make a concrete commitment. So, here it is: at least 1 post each month for 2014.


Published on Jan 19, 2014

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